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Why Booty Financial?

 Periodically, I do a post to explain why this blog is called booty financial.  It is for several reasons.

1. It is a play on words that also refers to pirate booty.. the gatherings of those exiled poor that band together to gather treasures.  In my life I have seen and lived a life of those that found themselves at the bottom but still have dreams of rising and gathering, and while I don’t steal from others, it is true that in this world if you want to gain wealth it will be from those with it.

2.  It is an irreverent reference to a beautiful piece of female anatomy, as a reminder to have fun with it and to legitimize those that DO shake their booty for money or recognition.  While I don’t have a great body as a man (yet), if I did and could get noticed for it, I would show it off.  Women use makeup and surgery to improve their appearance, and men workout and take supplements and buy bling to increase their recognition.  Those who make money with their body... while not something I would choose, likely.. have an asset that they feel empowering and is in fact why we buy products from commercials and follow music artists.

3.  It refers to finding ways to save your booty, and I provide tips for making money on the side.

4.  And, finally... it’s my blog so I can do what I like and I particularly LIKE that shape and piece of anatomy on a woman and not gonna lie.  Ha


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Mining for Gold

I wanted to do a second post, today, about something I have been feeling in my own pursuit of work at home goals.  Namely, the process is less like waiting on someone to pay you for time spent and more like someone mining for gold or treasure...which was one reason I named this site BOOTY financial in the beginning (though the other kind of booty is very pleasurable, ha)...i.e. pirate booty. If you read a lot of professional magazines and websites talking about working at home, they will present it in a way that mirrors or compares to those working in an office.  They tell you to get this desk or that computer and use this software for video conferencing and such.  All of that is kinda foreign to the realities of at home work, and investing in those things will for the most part be pretty much a waste of money. It will also put you in the wrong mindset and only lead you to feel depressed when it doesn't happen.  I have fallen victim to it on many occasions, myself.  I look at j

Adjusting to The NEW At Home Worklife

There has been a lot of changes to not only my worklife but the realities and, I believe, structures necessary to make working at home a success. Everyone that works at home, as I have for years, learns a few lessons, and these are still true: - Accept change and adjust - What is true and prosperous, today, will not be true for long. - Always look for ways to replace or add to your income. - You must prioritize opportunities by how much they pay per hour of your time. - Your worklife will not be like it was, when you worked at a job. - Others will minimize your work, and you will likely get no credit or glory for it, even if you make more than them.  They will likely be jealous of your flexible work day and feel they work harder than you, even if you know from experience you are working twice as hard or more. A few new concepts have been added with Coronavirus: - High unemployment has increased the number of people applying for online opportunities. - Former prime examples

Amazon Prime is Discounted for Students or EBT/Snap Members

I wanted to pick a good deal to feature, when I was kicking off the new site linking format of my blogs, as well as my first YouTube broadcast, and I cannot think of a better one than the fact that Amazon Prime is only $5.99 for students and for those that hold Snap/EBT Food Stamp cards, per month.  ESPECIALLY in this time, we need to focus on helping those that are financially struggling, and that is why I am re-launching . When you get Amazon Prime (click link to begin), you get so much for so little.  I know, because I AM ON EBT and I AM USING this discount.  Let me go through all that I get for that little payment each month.  -FREE TV...when you have Prime, you an watch literally thousands of shows for free on Prime Video, which you can watch from your phone, your computer, or your Roku enabled TV.  This includes HIGH QUALITY original movies and shows, too, with leading stars you know. -FREE also can stream music from all the major stars on Pr