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Life is a Gamble

 It is funny that I have had resistance to gambling in the past and maintained a sense of feeling you have to make SAFE choices that you can calculate will lead you to your desired outcome.

Why funny?

LOOK at how my life has turned, over time.  Look at your own life... how often have your journeys led to the outcome you planned.  Things always change, and we do not know all the information to really guide our lives.  That's why it is a good idea to listen to the divine and venture with an open mind.

When I chose relationships that I felt would be safe and secure, they ended more painfully.  I put money into houses, cars, locations, people, and more that would end up resulting in a good time at the time (which has value) but did NOT remain.  So, my "safe" paths ended in failure, leading me to wonder what would have happened in the less safe paths.

I think we are always gambling, and it is a good thing to take chances.  Even those chances in my past are good, because I was good to take the chance.  You can't ALWAYS win, but that doesn't change the value in the attempt. 

Right now, I live a couple miles from a casino.  I haven't been to one in years.  I have been resistant, because it is likely that you will lose money in the attempt.

However, I have ALSO put a lot of money into dating apps that have ended without a connection... especially in the age we live in where people don't like to leave the house and are not OUT on the apps.  So, was I wrong to do the apps?  No.  It is a gamble, too.  Casino, dating app, dates, events, tv subscriptions, etc.... they are all things we put money into with the HOPE that it will turn out as we like.  You shouldn't blow your savings on it, and it IS important to make a savings.  However, even if you don't win at any of them, you will be LIVING in the chances you take.


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