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Happiness Doesn't Mean Professional

   I have put posts in the past on my site about this subject, and I am going to copy this message for that blog, as well. We have this mentality that having a more PROFESSIONAL job is going to mean more happiness, because you will have more money. Now, I will AGREE that more money DOES mean a happier life, and I think that everyone out there reading this knows it.  Being in a state of poverty causes great stress and can rob your ability to enjoy the life around you.  So, it is important that you plan and work to make at LEAST the needed money to satisfy your needs to allow you to enjoy your life. HOWEVER, I want to break down what my life has been like in my stages of both professional life and a more flexible freelancer life When I have worked as a professional, whether it be my time as a retail manager, IRS Agent, Accountant, or Housing Professional; I got up very early to prepare for the job, worked in clothes that I didn't like, drove through tr
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Hunker Down

 I haven’t posted on this financial blog in several weeks, because I didn’t have a grasp on market direction and was challenging certain personal career decisions, but I have a hold on my thoughts of both, now. First... we need to hunker down, because it’s gonna take a while for the economy to bounce back.  That’s not to say there won’t be a market rise or fall and so on.  The market has been and will continue to be emotionally driven against facts for a while.  However, there are certain realities that cannot be ignored. 1.  The housing eviction and foreclosure ban is good for tenants, but those bills are not going away.  Unless people start working to pay them, it’s like run away credit card debt and will become insurmountable.   2.  Businesses are laying off workers and closing buildings and preparing for a long delay in opening.   3.  Individual savings is depleting so that even those who were good are now struggling, 4.  Now, Biden is saying it will be Christmas before things are

Why Booty Financial?

 Periodically, I do a post to explain why this blog is called booty financial.  It is for several reasons. 1. It is a play on words that also refers to pirate booty.. the gatherings of those exiled poor that band together to gather treasures.  In my life I have seen and lived a life of those that found themselves at the bottom but still have dreams of rising and gathering, and while I don’t steal from others, it is true that in this world if you want to gain wealth it will be from those with it. 2.  It is an irreverent reference to a beautiful piece of female anatomy, as a reminder to have fun with it and to legitimize those that DO shake their booty for money or recognition.  While I don’t have a great body as a man (yet), if I did and could get noticed for it, I would show it off.  Women use makeup and surgery to improve their appearance, and men workout and take supplements and buy bling to increase their recognition.  Those who make money with their body... while not something I wo

Rise and Shine

 I’ve spent a lot of my life living less than my highest potential, feeling I would be appreciated and respected by those I gave my time and money to.. only to find myself criticized and judged by them and left alone and broke. It is my agenda to follow my potential and build myself into a comfortable life and worthy of my degrees and experience, while enjoying the days.  Eventually, I will meet someone that only wants me (not my gifts or validation), and they can share the journey. I hope you all hold the same self respect for yourself, much younger than I did.

Life is a Gamble

 It is funny that I have had resistance to gambling in the past and maintained a sense of feeling you have to make SAFE choices that you can calculate will lead you to your desired outcome. Why funny? LOOK at how my life has turned, over time.  Look at your own life... how often have your journeys led to the outcome you planned.  Things always change, and we do not know all the information to really guide our lives.  That's why it is a good idea to listen to the divine and venture with an open mind. When I chose relationships that I felt would be safe and secure, they ended more painfully.  I put money into houses, cars, locations, people, and more that would end up resulting in a good time at the time (which has value) but did NOT remain.  So, my "safe" paths ended in failure, leading me to wonder what would have happened in the less safe paths. I think we are always gambling, and it is a good thing to take chances.  Even those chances in my past are good, because I was

Week in Review

 I'm going to post weekly review articles on here for my personal gains and comments about the market. This week, I made about 6.33 from buying and selling investments in Robinhood, which is pretty good when you consider I was only trading about 150 of my money in there, just in case I would need it in this moving week.  That's over 4 percent return on that 150.... in one week.  Imagine when that 150 is 1500 or 15000. I do have to warn you to be cautious in the days ahead, though.  The market is very high without the facts to back it up... on optimism.  The problem with that is that it has already figured in the highs and the lows can be REALLY low, if the market is surprised by them.  So, watch out.  Get into safe stocks... get out and take small profits.  Don't wait for big scores, unless you are very sure it is coming. I do anticipate friction in the market in the weeks to come.  Why?  This nation is polarized in a way that I have not seen in my life.  When some extremis

It Won’t Be Easy

One reality you need to accept is that your rise will not be the easy path.  Benjamin Franklin said, “ A life of leisure and a life of laziness are two things.” He also originated the phrase “no pain, no gain” in popular culture, by saying, “There are no gains without pain.”   Science teaches us that a body at rest will stay at rest, until it is moved by a force, and that force is desire or faith that you can accomplish what you want.  If you wait on someone to give it to you, you will be presenting yourself as a victim your whole life.  You have to go get it, yourself. However, that won’t be easy.  Just in this last year, I have made many steps towards a better and happier life, and each step was difficult to do.  It was difficult to leave a spouse that had rejected me.  It was difficult to save up money to move from Oklahoma to Florida... IN a pandemic when work was scarce and travel was cautious.  It was difficult to save up for a car.  It was difficult to work with the car and onli