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Monday, October 21, 2019

Investing Time in Your Effective Options

One lesson that I have learned over the last year as relates to home businesses is that you should spend the MOST time in those things that MOST advance your goals.  It sounds pretty basic, but we don't always do least I didn't.  I would spend a LOT of time, evaluating options and looking for new options and trying out new business ideas to create a portfolio of business ideas.  That IS something that you should definitely do, but you should spend the LEAST amount of time doing it and the most of your time actually DOING what you know works.

For example, at any given moment, I know that I can earn the most with Appen, at present.  So, an effective use of my time is to do that company the most.  After that, I can earn the most per amount of time on investments (at the amount increases, it will become primary).  Then, I know that Amazon Mturk is likely the highest paying for amount of time spent.  It goes down from there.  I earn the LEAST...even less than scratchoffs...from my freelance book sales and affiliate marketing.  I wish they earned more; however, spending the most time on them just means less success, overall.

Now, you never know if a current project will end, and you might be missing out on other things.  So, a periodic evaluation of the market options is important, as is having a backup option ready to go just in case.  However, the more you spend on things that will give you what you desire, the more desirable your life will be to you.

Monday, October 14, 2019

Stop Complaining...DO Something

One thing that really bothers me is those that complain about how bad things are without taking any action to fix it.  I have fell into that a few times; however, most of my life has been centered around ACTION.  My thinking is that it is wasted time to be passively upset or hopeful about something without actually doing it.  That is an even greater betrayal of yourself than those that go about unaware of things needing adjustment. 

This could be a relationship situation that is toxic to you that needs exiting.  It could be a work situation that grinds away at your soul, daily.  Or, it could be sitting there daily wishing for something that goes without seeds to cause the produce you need.

When I lost my job a few years ago from my inability to do it, I did not sit on my ass and do nothing.  I acted.  Now, it wasn't very EFFECTIVE, as I was just learning and starting down my path.  However, I started, and I felt good about every dollar I made from small tasks, which taught me dedication and the cost-benefits of options for my own life.

That is what you need to do.  I can't tell you what is the best option for your own life.  All I can tell you is options, and you will have to determine which works with your own situation.  But, what I CAN tell you is that the only thing you will accomplish by complaining is wasting time, when you could be LEARNING from your choices and growing in income and career growth.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Stock Market Focus

While maintaining the focus of taking pirate booty from those rich in our society, I will be working at money opportunities listed now on the Treasure Chest tab and focusing posts on stock market finds/risks that I see.  I am not a certified financial planner, so decide for yourself if you follow my words.